3 vs. 3 Soccer

How to Bring Home the Gold

by William J. Linkous III



Unlock the secrets of winning championships in small-side soccer!


Discover the secrets that take a skilled small-sided soccer team to the championship level.  This book will give you the strategies and plays to take home a championship trophy in small-sided soccer. 

3 vs. 3 Soccer will allow you to discover:


Why skills alone are not enough to guarantee success at three versus three soccer.


The single most important aspect of a short sided soccer game.


Trick plays and strategies that could win your team the championship game.


The mindset necessary to win playoff games.


Proper offensive and defensive positioning and execution.


In bounds plays and strategies that protect the ball from the other team.


The most important soccer skills necessary to play and win short sided soccer.


Learn the philosophy, positioning, and mindset necessary to win at all levels in 3 vs. 3 Soccer

For more information on 3 vs. 3 soccer, visit the author's website www.soccer3v3.com.